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Okay since everyone is so upset..Here it goes.

Sharon Carter will be in the movie Captain America 2. Guys lets think of this as being The introduction of Sharon Carter in the Movie for Steve, which is fine, also this will be an introduction of Falcon in the movie. Everyone is freaking out that Sharon is going to be Kate which by me if anyone knows Sharon in the comics, is an alias name. Marvel has a really bad way of trying to sweep if she is Sharon Carter in Which she will be…I’m coming on this blog to just give my rant about it. I think everyone thinks that Sharon Carter will be a no one in this universe and my beliefs since I do read the comics that She will be a big factor in the Cap movies. She needs time to develop people, I mean look at all the Marvel movies and the development of characters, We all also know that Marvel movies come in threes and so far all the interviews I have been reading is that The Brothers and Such have been wanting to work with Em Vancamps character more. Just think about it, if we learned everything about Sharon Carter in the first movie then what would we do with the third one  in I’m most certain Emily Vancamp  will be in just due to the arc that they seem to be doing.  Also Anothony Mackie has hinted that he wants to use more of his wings in Cap 3, which I’m most sure that Em vancamp and Frank Grillo will be in, if we all think about this logically.

I think everyone is afraid that she is not going to be in it much. But in all reality she has to keep it quiet, its the law in Marvel contracts that they must not reveal anything, nothing for the movie and I feel that Sharon Carter fans speculate a lot when we don’t know anything. The thing we can say is that just because someone coyly says they won’t be in the movie much doesn’t mean that word is the gospel guys. I could get so much hate for this but I’m just speaking on a logical manner rather than everyone saying things off the cuff when we don’t even have a trailer out yet.

Also everyone has been speculating that Wanda Maximoff will get with together with Cap in Avengers which again is nothing more than illogical, I believe because reading the comics when Wanda Maximoff joins the Avengers by Iron man asking them to be on the Avengers, its clear when she gets close to Hawkeye that she gets shot by magneto and also she is in love with vision, it always has been. Which would be logical for her to be in love with vision in the age of Ultron movie due to Ultron creating vision as a weapon against the Avengers and her falling madly in love with him, which also in the comics ends in them getting married.  I see the Avengers being a pure action movie and Cap just doing what he does best, kicking ass. So I’m glad to just use my comic sense to sift that one out for the Sharon Carter fandom.

Why can’t we all just accept that she is in the movie and that we are going to have another Marvel leading lady on our hands? Why can’t we just be happy that she will be in the movie and there is a spark between Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter, which is a fabulous start to the movie. We should be happy that there is a budding romance between Sharon Carter in the movie with Steve Rogers which opens the door to another movie with these two which will really get the ball rolling with these two. Lets just be proud that they really are using the Brubaker plot well. Also I have a feeling we are gonna see Sharon in her element in the movie, ibeing in SHIELD, Why haven’t we seen Emily Vancamp in set photos that have all been outside? Because she has been doing studio work, which to me entails that she is a SHIELD agent. Just because she may not reveal herself to cap off the back to Steve that she is Sharon Carter doesn’t mean that she will elude the audience.

This will be a great film for the Sharon Carter fandom. We just need to cool our jets and wait til the next spring arrives.
End rant.